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Our hosting service for our customers

We offer the following hosting service and the pertaining domain name registration to those of our clients who have their homepages designed or programmed by us.

Our webhosting packages

Different packages for different needs

Business package
We offer this package primarily for small enterprises. The 2500MB Webspace and the 50 email boxes are usually more than sufficient for the purpose.

Business+ package
The 5000MB Webspace and the 100 email boxes afford larger sized enterprises with all they might need. The 5000MB webspace provides enough room for downloadable documents, pictures, presentations, or other mutimedia materials.

Start package
We offer this package for micro enterprises and smaller family-run businesses. If you find the 1000MB webspace and the 25 email boxes sufficient, choose this package!

Private package
This package is offered for personal homepages. The package contains 5 email boxes so you can prepare own addresses for your close relatives or family members. The addresses will end with the domain name of your choice. E.g. mike@domain

Further parameters of our webhosting packages:

  • Unlimited data flow – within reasonable limits
  • PHP running option
  • Use of MySQL database
  • PHPMyAdmin surface for plainer database management
  • Through FTP and SFTP( safe FTP) connections
  • Password protection of libraries(MySQL)
  • POP3/IMAP(SSL) email boxes
  • Virus and spam protection
  • Providing WAP pages tp make it available from cellophones too
  • Scheduled tasks
  • Own error pages

Domain name regsitration
3500 Ft / 2 years,
then 1200 Ft / year
.hu domain név átregisztrálása
1200 Ft / piece
3600 Ft / year
International domain names
.com, .net, .org
2500 Ft / year
.biz., .info
2700 Ft / year

We undertake other domain name registrations as well. For further details, please contact us!

Necessary documents
For hosting packages
For private use
  • Hosting ordering form is signed
For business use
  • hosting ordering form is signed
For domian name registration
For private use
For business use
  • Domain name ordering from signed
  • Copy of registry court decree
  • Copy of signature specimen
  • In case of trademark the
    copy of the registration of the copyright office

You can learn about the complete rules and regulations of domain name registration at

The prices listed do not contain the 20% VAT

The web hosting package can be complemented with unlimited number of domain names but the addition of any further domain name costs 3800HUF + VAT

Our web hosting packages are extended monthly in case of monthly subscription, yearly in cae of yearly subscription and automatically when they expire. Please inform us in a mail about the expiry before its deadline.

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