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Webpage construction

Website construction-why choose us?

  • We strive to understand and meet individual needs.
  • We aim at developing long-term relationships with our clients.
  • We construct your webpage so that it suits SEO principles, that means your webpage should be among the first results that important keywords yield at the search engines concerned.
  • We provide a comprehensive service, that includes all areas of website design, construction and management. (domain name registration, webdesign, graphical details, Company profile design, formatting text files, providing hosting managent hosting, management.)
  • Cut costs! We build the websites using content management system so that yourself can restructure it any time saving considerable time,energy and money.
  • We undertake the design and programming of individual ,database-based web solutions in PHP and MySQL environment.
  • We design the webpages in English, German, Spanish, French as well according to specific needs.
  • We have years of experience in webpage design, serach engine optimisation, programming and graphic design.
  • See our references too!

ContactCommission us with the design of your webpage or the refreshment of your already existent homepage!Click here and contact us!We are glad to be at your disposal!

The valuable webpage

Weboldalkészítés A quality webpage uploaded with useful information and permanently refreshed has a value on its own, let alone the fact that it is a profitable means of communication. A well designed and constructed webpage which can be easily maintained, refreshed and updated without special expertise, offers considerable advantages over and above your rivals. A webpage is a long-term investment and its quality contributes noticeably to the success of any company.

Comprehensive service

If you commission us to design and construct your homepage, we can if you wish go further and undertake all the other areas and tasks such as domain name registration, providing hosting packages that best suit your website and your needs as well as webpage management. In case of newly formed companies- besides web display - we would be glad to assist in designing the company’s profile and or logo.

And a little more

We build our wepages on content management systems so even you – without HTML skills – can adjust the entire content of the webpage, upload pictures and content on it any time as the process is supported by a built-in Word program and the administrative surface of the webpage. The webpage built on our content management system can be extended to include extra services. For this we have not only readymade modules but also undertake programming functions tailored to individual needs.

If you still do not have your own webpage, you can find out more about the steps of webpage design here.

What should the page contain? We have pooled a couple of ideas as to what topics are worth displaying on the webpage.

ContactCommission us to design and construct your webpage or refresh your already existent homepage! Click here and contact us!We are glad to be at your disposal!

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