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Search engine optimisation

Websites need turnover

Demanding as it may be to have a great looking website, its actually of precious little use to you commercially without a considerable amount of traffic. There are two ways to obtain traffic. The easiest by far is to pay for it via the various ad programs like Adwords and Espotting. Alternatively you can try and come up in the generic listings, the free searches. Free is somewhat of a misnomer here as to gain high levels of "free traffic" actually involves quite a bit of expense and expertese. However most of our cleints find that the effort is well worth it.

To generate quality traffic you need your website to come up in the search engines for certain keywords. This is especially important as searches are the means used by most visitors as their starting point when they want to find something. It is not enough simply to register your site with these engines if you want any success. If only it were that simple. One easy benchmark for keywords is to check how many sites come up. If you put "hotels" or "cheap flights" in for your search you will see that there are literally millions of pages. The more there are, the more difficult it is for your site to come up. Put "poodle grooming in godalming" in the search engine and if you call your site you can be confident you will come up amongst the first every time. If your site requires traffic that is a little more competitive, that is where we come in.

Let us tell you what to do.

We undertake the detailed analysis of your webpage and offer concrete proposals for possible readjustments. Our SEO analysis contains the following:

  • Keyword analysis
  • Analysis of META values
  • Analysis of the homepage as the highly important page of the website
  • Content analysis of the inner pages of the website
  • Analysis of the menu structure and the inner navigational panels
  • Analysis of other content and of the HTML code ofthe webpage
  • Pooling and analysis of links directing one to the webpage
  • SEO ideas, hints
  • Analysis of your competition
webpage analysis - search engine optimisation

Read more about our search engine optimisation packages here.

The result: visitors for free (wll almost!)

With the search engine optimisation of your website we can obtain far better results in the free results listings. This should yield a lot more quality turnover for your page and an increasing number of customers for your enterprise.

It is never late

It is advisable to design and arrange websites with the search engine optimisation principles in mind. Nevertheless where there is an already existent page. we can rearrange and optimise it so that it suits the demands of search engines. The prime purpose is to make your page leave your rivals behind in the searches.

How to start rearranging my website?

We undertake to analyse your already existent website from a search engine optimisation aspect and to prepare a search engine optimisation report. You give us the domain address of your website and a list of all the keywords and key expressions you regard as important and we analyse your website, examining its structure and content, navigational system, the external and internal reference system, map out rivals, analyse keywords and provide detailed proposals regarding what you need to do to make it more visible and easier to find. You can then either instigate these changes yourself or get us to do it for you. 

You can read more about our search engine optimisation packages and our prices here.

You can learn more about serach engine optimisation here.

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