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Online Shopping Design

A website is not only a means of communication and marketing but is excellent for direct sales purposes. Besides introducing your customers to your company it could be of considerable advantage if you facilitate instant shopping for them via the website. Adding a sales part or online shop to your existing website can be done at any time. This function then welcomes prospective customers all around the clock.

What we offer

We undertake design, construction, implimentation and all other areas of online shops and online marketing. The main options of the module package pertaining to online shops within our content management system are as followss:

Product related functions:
  • Developing a freely adjustable product hierarchy;
  • Easy management of the details – pictures, texts, properties, parameters – of the products, through the administrative surface;
  • Special offers on products, temporary sales are also supported;
  • Product Rental option management;
  • Unlimited number of properties can be associated with a product;
  • Support of product options;
  • Management of related products;
  • Specific customers prices, definition of discounts in percents or in a concrete amount depending on indvidual customer. Temporary sales are allowed.;

Submitting online orders, management of shopping process:
  • Shopping cart management;
  • The option to order products put in shopping cart;
  • Online registration of customers, the process of entering a recurrent customer;
  • Display of shipping options on the administrative surface;
  • The customer selects her/his preferred option of shipping from the options offered;
  • Orders submitted can be managed on the administrative surface: they can be listed, their status can be easily tracked( e.g. new order, shipped, failed,etc) the inventory attached to the orders are also uploadable;
  • We undertake the arrangement of ORDER SURVEILLANCE accessible by customers too;

Customer care:
  • Online registration in the webshop, which is part of the shopping process;
  • Accession of new customers is feasible also through the administrative surface;
  • Customer data management through the administrative surface;

You can have a look at a detailed list of the options of our webshop module here »

Favourable properties

A webshop has numerous favourable properties:
  • No need to rent a physical shop premises for an online shop, maybe a bit of extra hosting;
  • Customers from all over the world are welcome;
  • Accessible all around the clock;
  • Facilitates significant wage cut;
  • Significant reduction in storage costs;
  • Details of new products or change in stored product data are instantly available for customers;
  • We offer comfortable service for our customers as our webshops enable anyone to purchase at us from work or home with only a few clicks worth of hassle;

ContactAssign us to design and construct your website, webshop or refresh your already existent homepage! Click here and contact us! We are glad to be at your disposal!

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