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In the first instance the best way to contact us is via email. The more information you can give us the more exactly we can quote

Webmasters-Informatika Kft.

Telephone: +36 1 328-0311
Fax: +36 1/328-0312
Address: H-1052 Budapest, Kristóf tér 6. I. emelet 1.

Please complete the following form:
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It is important that you give us either your phone number or your valid email address(e.g., otherwise we can not reply.
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Necessary information for a price quote:

  • Do you need a new website or the refreshment of an existent one (in the latter case we need the name of the page);
  • What will be the topic, purpose of the page? (introduction, webshop, do you want to advertise the page in search engines too, etc.?);
  • Roughly how many pages will the site contain?;
  • Do you already have some ideas concerning graphic layout? If so,please send them to us;
  • Will the page be accessible in multiple languages?(If so, which ones?);
  • What additional services should the page provide? (e.g. news, newsletters, etc.);
  • Do you already have a hosting or a domain name for the page, and if not, what domain name you want to have?;
  • etc.

Further ideas and suggestions concerning the content of your website can be found on the following page: read more »