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What should appear on the webpage?

Below we have pooled a short list of ideas in respect of what we think is worth displaying on our website. It is vital that the the content of the website should be clear and well-structured and easy to use. Research shows that one has less than 3 seconds to sell a website to a potential client or user. That means the first impression has to be a strong one.


  • Short and concise briefing on the activity, products and services of the company. For the sake of both marketing and search engine optimisation it is useful to display all important keywords and key expressions.
  • Display of regularly refreshable content,e.g. news,discounts/special offers, top lists.
  • etc.


About the company

  • Its history and philosophy
  • Availability, contact options
  • Introduction of executives,managers and keypersons
  • Location
  • Careers
  • etc.


Sales information

  • Introduction of products and services
  • Price list, financing constructions
  • Online catalogue,webshop
  • Feedbacks and accounts of satisfied customers
  • Publications, articles
  • References
  • etc.


Customer Department

  • Ideas for Usage
  • Availability of Customer Department
  • Tutorials/Educational materials
  • Other details concerning the customers
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • etc.


Other information

  • General descriptions
  • References to other webpages with similar content
  • etc.


Index (site map)


It is strongly recommended to consider the following::

  • It is the webpage that will probably be the first meeting point between potential customers and the company.
  • The webpage can function as a free-of-charge means of communication.
  • As a consequence, it is vital to update and refresh the content so that new visitors( the potential customers) can have access to the latest information and become recurrent visitors (see our content manager system).
  • The webpage can also serve as a surface for online ads (constructing pages suitable for ads campaigns)
  • Reconsideration of ads/promotional surfaces as the higher the extent of visits is the bigger profit you can gain from placing ads on the page.
  • etc.


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