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Options offered by our webshop packages

We offet our webshop package with the following options and in addition we undertake extension, TESTRESZABÁS, ÁTALAKÍTÁS, programming new functions which are tailored to individual needs.

  • termékhierarchiaDevelopment of product hierarchy
    • An opportunity to develop category systems of any level
    • Unlimited number of products in each category
    • Easy management (addition, reallocation, deletion, rearrangement,etc.)

  • Management of detailed product information
    • termékadatokDefinition of short-, detailed- and commercial description
    • Picture upload, automatic MÉRETEZÉS
    • Support of unlimited number of product properties tailored to the products stored in the product hierarchy

  • Support of TERMÉKBÉRLETI option
    • Minimal BÉRLETI period can be defined
    • Special offer option to BÉRLETI fee

  • Management of product options
    • Management of options affiliated with products as exclusively complementary products
    • The customer can select and order the product options necessary for the individual products

  • Products for discount price
    • Discounts with fixed prices
    • Definition of starting and expiry date of discounts

  • Option for the definition of related products for each product or product category

  • Definition of specific customer prices
    • Each customer can be affiliated with specific customer prices, discounts for each product category or individual product
    • Definition of expiry date of specific customer prices is possible
    • With the definition of specific prices a webshop can be developed that offers each customer individual prices and discounts or special offers

  • Shopping cart
    • The content of the shopping cart is easily traceable during the process of shopping
    • The number of items in the cart can be modified any time
    • The products can be removed from the cart

  • The webshop operates in accordance with the Hungarian VAT laws

  • Customer registration
    • Each customer has different user name and password
    • Details of customers concerning billing and mailing are stored and at their next visit they only have to enter the system without providing those details.
    • Customer details can be modified after entering the system
    • Registration happens automatically after the first order

  • Shipping options, setting their types and costs

  • egy rendelés adataiSubmitting an order
    • Registration or login for recurrent customers
    • MEGADÁSA of delivery and billing address, with automatic completion of RENDELÉSI NYOMTATVÁNY
    • Selection of shipping means
    • VÉGLEGESÍTÉSE of order

  • Management of order through the administrative surface
    • Everyordr has a status(e.g. new, confirmed, delivered, failed,etc.)
    • ÁLLOMÁNYOK can be uploaded and attached to orders
    • Customer details related to orders can be modified, e.g. the details can be checked and adjusted on the phone
    • Individual orders can also be placed through the administrative surface

  • Surveillance of order
    • If the BESZERZÉS, composition of the product is a process consisting of several steps we can inform our customers regularly about the status of the order.
    • In case of lengthy BESZERZÉS of an order we can offer our customers permanent contact, information and communication
    • Also customers can leave messages concerning orders so the communication is mutual
    • ÁLLOMÁNYOK (e.g. PDF documents, charts, tables, etc.) can be attached and uploaded through the administrative surface to individual orders repectively.

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