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Guidelines to design a website

We would like to give a hand to those that want to design a website for their enterprise but do not know how to start. The main steps to designing a website are as follows:

  1. First define the purpose. What is the website to do?: Marketing? Sales? Attracting new customers? Keeping in touch with recent customers? Assistance with our products and services? Information about our company? Click here for further information!

  2. Once we recognise the purpose we can define those topics and arrange the structure, menu of the webpages and outline the content of the text to be uploaded. You can learn tips about this option if you click here!

  3. Let’s reserve the most appropriate domain name one that best suits your profile and that helps usuers when typing in the address. Its also very important that the search engines find the webpage and one of their criteria is the domain name. Furthermore remember that your company's email addresses will also use this domain name. When it comes to deciding about a domain name one should consider that the domain name ought to be expressive and easy to remember and that it is easy to pass on – e.g. when one gives their email address on the phone, etc. Nowadays there are still a large number of search engines in use which do not support letters with accent marks in URL-s – in Internet addresses e.g. – therefore it is advisable to check how a domain name without accents.On the following page you can make sure if the domain name of your choice is still free or already in use:

  4. Next step is to prepare an individual design that best suits your enterprise or the content to be displayed either on your own or by another company. It is of great advantage if you already have a well-prepared company profile design ( logo, document scheme, typical colours, etc.) as it may serve as a great starting point or springboard.

  5. All webpages must be placed on a webserver computer. These servers operate all around the clock and are accessible through the Internet. Hosting can be rented from companies that specialise in this service. In the meantime it is recommended that you find a hosting server that meets your webpage demands. You are strongly advised to check the size of your allocated space with the webmaster of the homepage. These questions can include the size of the rented hosting, number and size of email boxes needed, script- running option, etc.

  6. As soon as the graphic components are finished the upload, checkup, necessary adjustments and corrections of image and text contents can be started.

  7. The webpage is finished and now accessible for anyone all around the clock. But where do yiur visitors come from? How do they come across your page? It is the search engines that provide the greatest bulk – 60-90 percent - of webpage turnovers. How is it feasible that the first results of your chosen keywords and key expressions searched in the search engines include your webpage address? Read our page on search engine optimised!

  8. Besides optimising your website for the search engines it is also vital to regularly refresh and update it. The demands of both new and recurrent visitors as well as the search engines (Google, Yahoo!,etc.) make it evr more important to keep it refreshed. Our webpage facilitates continuous and easy refreshments - without requiring HTML skills - if it is built on a content management system. You can read more about our content management system of websites.

  9. Webpage maintain
    Last but not least it is worth giving some thought as to who to consult in the future concerning questions, and ideas about ongoing development, problems of the webpage.It pays dividends to keep in constant touch with the webpage - design company and leave them to maintain the page especialy as this only cots a few thousand HUF more per month. In return you we can consult an expert at any time.

Contact Commission us to design and construct your webpage or the refreshment of ypur already existent homepage! Click here and contact us! We are glad to be at your disposal!

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