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Webpage refreshment, redesign, update

You already have a webpage but are less than satisfied with its appearance, the amount of traffic, the quality of that traffic, the ease with which you can change it, or with the options offered by the website?
weboldal felújításWould you like to have one that is definitely easier to refresh and maintain? That attracts top quality traffic? Would you like to be the one to adjust its content without any hassle, only with some basic command of Word, any time all around the clock? We can give you that facility!

  • Graphical redesign and construction: if you are concerned that the current appearance of your webpage has grown a bit stale, we undertake to upgrade it. The Content can be maintained, only the "cover” is replaced. Select your favourite webpage scheme from our list and let us redesign it! We also undertake the design of individual webpages!

  • WEBSITE content management system: if you are satisfied with the current appearance and content of your static webpage but want to make its refreshment and maintenance easier and faster thus more cost-efficient, we undertake to reorganise the whole website or just a part of it with our content management system. Following the readjustment you or your colleagues can simply sign in to the ADMINISTRATION AREA of the content management system and can redesign, adjust the pages or upload and locate pictures in the text,etc. any time all around the clock.

  • Overall update: graphical redesign and transition from static websites to content management system-based, dynamic websites.

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Webpage design
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